July Goals!

Hi Everyone! Hi July!!
How is everyone doing? I hope you are all enjoying the summer :)

Before I write my goals for July I would like to talk about June which was pretty good. I finally finished reading “More Than Enough”, FaceTimed with JT every single day more than once, reconnected with special friends in NY, spent an whole afternoon in Brooklyn, ran on Central Park, lost a little bit of weight (few more pounds to go), I juiced and I completed the #contementchallenge!! Instead of reading “Complete Guide to Money” I decided to read “Financial Peace” first, actually I bought the audio book so I could finish faster (I’m already on chapter 9). Yay for audio books! As soon as I finish this one I will start the “Complete Guide to Money” and I will actually read it as one of my goals for this year is to become a reader. I didn’t go to any art galleries in Chelsea due to lack of time but it’s all good, I’m happy with what I have accomplished.

The three highlights of the month of June was definitely the #contementchallenge, that I’m finally off meds (wohooooo!!!) and that I flew to Florida just to spend a week with JT. Best decision ever. I missed him so much that I had to take a week off and just be with him. Love is in the air :) 
The #contementchallenge was a blessing in my life. I spent 3 months without buying anything for me, not even a nail polish and that feels so good!! I learned that I don’t need stuff to be content. I was able to live to the fullest with what I have and where I’m right now and that was amazing! My heart is full and I feel God working in my life! The challenge was easier than I thought and I plan to make that a lifestyle and really think before I buy anything. I’m tired of buying stuff I don’t need and that will not bring me any fulfillment.
Thanks to Nancy who came up with the challenge! :)

Here are my July goals:
• start training for NYC Marathon
• keep my morning routine (pray, Bible, meditate, journal)
• start “Financial Peace University” with JT
• read “Complete Guide to Money”
• be gentle to myself and accept the real me everyday
• fast and pray more
• enjoy the beach and swim
• start cooking and try new healthy recipes

 (huge challenge)

If you are reading this I would love to hear from you. Please share your plans for this month or just say hi :)

Have an AWESOME month of July guys!! See you Wednesday!

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